Somatic Womb + Pelvic Healing in Portland

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Embodied Pelvic Healing is a transformative approach to pelvic health and whole body healing that delves into the language of the body to move, release, nourish and create. Our work together is the alchemy of traditional wisdom, modern scientific knowledge, deep listening, gentle curiosity, body magic and opening to mystery. It is experiential, meaning that by connecting to the present moment experience of your body, you weave new pathways of being and connect with your body and whole self. Finding your innate health, voice and power are central to this work.


Clients describe this work as “nothing they have experienced,” feeling “safe” and “held” in the container of our work together. Each client’s experience is distinct, but all clients receive unwavering compassionate listening, a high level of knowledge and expertise from a doctorate-trained practitioner and trauma-informed care.

Sessions are founded on an integrated mind-body-spirit approach through mindfulness-based techniques and visualization. They may include womb massage, Holistic Pelvic Care™, herbal pelvic steams, mindfulness-based embodiment coaching and plant medicine. You'll receive flower + stone essence formulas along with home practices, such as journaling, rituals and meditations, to continue our work between sessions. You will also receive guidance around initiating and sustaining self-care practices at home - a gift you get to keep for your lifetime.


These sessions are ideal for those who are wanting  

  • A mind-body-spirit approach to reproductive and body-based emotional healing

  • Relief from symptoms related to your pelvic bowl and its organs, such as

    • Menstrual pain

    • Heavy, irregular and absent periods

    • Endometriosis

    • Pelvic pain

    • Fibroids and cysts

    • PCOS

  • Healing from experiences related to your pelvic bowl and its organs, such as

    • Birth loss

    • Sexual wounding

    • Medical trauma

  • Mentorship around the pelvic bowl and its organs

  • To build a healing toolkit of self-care practices including

    • Self-womb massage

    • Self-pelvic massage

    • Herbal pelvic steaming guidance

    • Herbal formulations

    • “Bells of Love” breast & chest self-care

    • Acupressure

    • Moxibustion

    • Castor oil packs

    • Lifestyle recommendations

These sessions are not ideal for folks experiencing

  • Severe mental illness

  • A mental health emergency

  • The effects of trauma that may do better with more specific counseling modalities

While this work focuses on self-identified women, femmes and people with vaginas, all gender identities and expressions are welcome here.


Contact us to inquire about availability and booking.


Learn about each modality I incorporate here at Modalities.


The initial 90-minute session is our first step together towards your healing and wholeness. During this initial session, we do a thorough intake, mapping your life, including what you are wanting healing around presently, where and who you come from and where you’d like to be. We carve out space to listen to the story of your body. This first intake ends with gentle energy work to integrate. From there, we let the work organically unfold. For those who work with me for a minimum of 6 months, we have a closing ritual at the last session to seal the work we’ve done together and support you moving forward in your healing.


Initial 90-minute session ……….. $225
Follow-up 70-minute session …… $150

Medical therapeutic bodywork ….. $55 per unit

I do not currently bill health insurance. However, I do accept MVA and most FSA/HSA insurance. Note that “Medical Therapeutic Bodywork” sessions are $55 per 15-minute unit, due to the specialization of this work.