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For the month of October, I am offering initial Holistic Pelvic Care sessions at $85 (30% off), when booked before Nov. 1st. Email Jeevan to book.

The valley spirit never dies;
It is the woman, primal mother.
Her gateway is the root of heaven and earth.
It is like a veil barely seen.
Use it; it will never fail.

—Laozi, Dao De Jing

Holistic Pelvic Care™ (HPC) is a form of deeply nourishing pelvic floor therapy for women and people with vaginas developed by author and physical therapist Tami Kent. This work helps you to re-establish connection to your root, clearing out what you are holding in your pelvic bowl - energetically and physically - by re-patterning your nervous system through fascial unwinding and visualization. While the work is typically done intra-vaginally, it is just as powerful done without touch energetically.

I’ve had the incredible opportunity to learn Holistic Pelvic Care™ with its inspiring founder Tami Kent (author of Wild Feminine). One thing that Tami has come to after working for years with over 10,000 women and people with vaginas is that, “EVERYBODY has wounding here.”

These sessions are ideal for you:

If you have ever felt unsafe. If you grew up in a home, culture or religion that shamed sexuality or your body. If you ever felt unworthy. If you have experienced instability - either emotionally or financially. If you have experienced trauma or sexual wounding. If you have ever experienced oppression because of your body. If you want to establish clearer energetic boundaries. If you ever felt fear, anxiety or depression, especially when it feels “old,” ancestral or genetic.

This work is for you.

If you feel disconnected from your pelvic bowl. If you feel disconnected from feeling joy or pleasure. If you have given birth or are experiencing symptoms in your pelvic floor postpartum. If you sit a lot. If you have experienced miscarriage or child loss. If you have had pelvic pain. If you have painful menses. If you have had an abortion. If you have ever had a medical procedure or surgery in your pelvis or abdomen.

This work is for you.

These sessions are not ideal for folks experiencing

  • Severe mental illness

  • A mental health emergency

  • The effects of sexual trauma that have not received counseling

  • Addiction within the last 5 years

If you are pregnant, we do energy-only work starting in the 2nd trimester.

I come with years of hands-on training and experience working with the body, and specifically the pelvic organs, as well as graduate level education in both East Asian medicine and integrative mental health.

I have studied Holistic Pelvic Care™ with its founder, author and pelvic floor physical therapist, Tami Kent. In addition, I hold a Doctorate of Science in Oriental Medicine, and am completing a 4-year Masters of Integrative Mental Health program at NUNM.

My mental health training is founded on principles from mindfulness-based Hakomi therapy and attachment theory, with a strong emphasis on working with trauma - all in the context of a natural medicine visit. While I’ve received many hours of learning and practicing counseling skills, I don’t offer “therapy.” However, I utilize mindfulness-based techniques within my scope of practice.

In these sessions, I guide you through the energy of your pelvic bowl. You will learn techniques and tools to tune into your own pelvic floor in the privacy of your own home, as well as practices for pelvic bowl healing, such as self-massage, herbal pelvic steams and meditations.

Local Sessions happen in office in Portland, where we work together hands-on and/or energetically. Initial sessions are 60-minutes long and include an intake, an assessment of your pelvic bowl and re-balancing. Follow-ups are 45-minutes long.

Distance Sessions happen over the phone or video-conferencing. You should find a quiet, private space where you will not be interrupted. You receive everything you would from an in-person session, except physical internal work. Initial sessions are 60-minutes long and include an intake and energy work. Follow-ups are 45-minutes long, which allows time for a follow-up intake, energy work and being able to learn self-care techniques, including mapping your own pelvic bowl. These sessions are for educational purposes only and do not qualify as medical care.

It is ideal to start with 3-6 sessions, meeting weekly or every other week. After that, some people choose to continue working together less frequently as maintenance.

To book a session or if you have questions, email Jeevan at info@flowerhandwellness.com.

Initial 60-minute sessions are $120. Follow-up 45-minute sessions are $90. If you are interested in receiving Holistic Pelvic Care™ within part of a greater Womb & Pelvic Healing Packages (more info on this coming soon!), the cost of a session is significantly less.

For the month of October, I am offering initial Holistic Pelvic Care sessions at $85 (30% off), when booked before Nov. 1st.

If cost is an issue and you feel you could truly benefit from this work, please contact me.