Moon Consultations

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Let’s Talk about Change

Moon Consultations is a 3-month coaching experience that’s all about supporting you and your cycle. Ask anyone who works in the period world - 3 months is the sweet spot for really seeing changes in a menstruating person’s cycle. By committing to working together for 3 months, we are giving time for your body and cycle to shift.

Let’s Talk About You

Clients who work with me come because their periods need support and they’re tired of doing it alone! They come to me with…

  • Painful periods (ranging from somewhat painful to super painful)

  • Irregular periods or periods that skip around

  • Trouble conceiving

  • Periods out of whack after being on hormonal contraceptives

  • The desire to optimize their fertility

  • All the feels around their moon time, especially premenstrually

  • And more!

Additionally, I strive to be inclusive to all gender identities.

Let’s Talk About Me

I hold a doctorate of science in East Asian medicine, am completing a masters of science in integrative mental health, have several years of providing support for people who menstruate and several decades of experience in a body that bleeds.

To read more about my professional and educational background, see ABOUT. To learn about the modalities and skills that I practice in my Portland office, see WOMB + PELVIC HEALING.

Meet Moon Consultations

As a client, you’ll receive

  • Six 50-minute sessions, meeting every other week over 3 months

  • Empowering information on menstrual wellness from an expert in the field of menstrual health

  • 1:1 guidance for self-womb massage, self-acupressure and more!

  • Solid lifestyle and self-care tips that work

  • Support in tracking and observing your cycle

  • Introduction to the “seasons” of your menstrual cycle

  • A personalized plan that you leave each session with

  • Email support in the off-weeks between sessions