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to begin with us for Autumn 2019

Your self-tenderness is revolutionary.


Step with me & a community of babes towards your birthright of embodied awareness & cycle-based living.


The Embodied Babe Membership

The Embodied Babe Membership is an annual membership for those who are ready to reconnect to the wisdom and magic of their bodies and cycles.

I believe that our cycles hold the wisdom of the seasons in nature. Each phase of our menstrual cycles correlates to a season in nature. When we begin to listen to and abide by the inner tides of our cycles, our energy and entire lives begin to deeply shift.

This is radical work.

This is undoing the spells of patriarchy

This is stepping into your birthright as an Embodied Babe.


This was made for you

Living in synchronicity with the seasons IS a form of embodiment. It requires listening to our bodies, following the pace of our bodies, being keepers of our own energy.

This membership is for you

You are craving simple daily rituals for self-care that connect you to your body & to your pelvic bowl

You are ready to learn about the science & magic of your cycle; this is a radical act of self-love

You want to learn ancient seasonal wisdom to nourish yourself & specific nutritional information for each phase of your cycle

You are ready to learn hands-on techniques, such as self-womb massage, vaginal / pelvic mapping & acupressure

You want to connect with plants & stones in practical, creative & magical ways

You are ready to be guided onto the path of listening to your body, beginning with your cycle & pelvic bowl

You and your body deserve your love and attention.


What You’ll Get Monthly

TEA TIME WITH JEEVAN : a monthly one-hour virtual live call circle where you’ll be guided in embodiment practices, meditations and journaling within a group of other amazing babes

BODY & CYCLE GUIDES : a different expert guest teacher each month shares the science and wisdom around cycle and sexual health, embodiment, the nervous system, holistic nutrition and more

↠ RITUAL WORKBOOK : each month, you’ll receive a cohesive workbook that will tie together all the practices under a central theme; it will be organized into 4 components and contain simple and beautiful self-tending practices each month for embodiment & cycle care, journal prompts, homemade plant medicine recipes & one ritual

↠ ACCOMPANYING AUDIO & VIDEO GUIDES : along with the workbook, you’ll receive audio and / or video meditations and practices, so that you can get to be directly guided by Jeevan in the practice

What You’ll Get Seasonally

SEASONAL WISDOM : learn the energetics of the season and traditional knowledge through an East Asian medical lens for self-care through each season

THE SEASON OF YOUR CYCLE : learn about the seasonal phases of your menstrual cycle, listening to your body and attuning to its inner cycles

NUTRITION FOR EACH PHASE OF YOUR CYCLE : learn how to nourish your cycle through all of its phases or “seasons”

ELEMENTAL ARCHETYPES : learn which “elemental babe” or archetype that you pull most strongly from, so that you can best tend to your body & spirit

EMBODYING THE SEASON : seasonal movement practices to attune to the seasons


How exactly does it work?

Q : I signed up! What next?

A : When you sign up, you’ll get access to the Welcome section of the membership, the core foundational lessons and your first month of the membership! After that, you’ll receive a bundle of monthly content the 1st week of every month.

I imagine these bundles like beautiful packages tied with silk ribbons that you get to open each month and each season. Each package will include a combination of video, audio and written information. The live component will be Tea Time with Jeevan, as well as some other opportunities throughout the year.

Q : How much is the membership? What’s the refund policy?

A : There are two payment options. You can either pay in full or split it into 12 monthly payments of $35 per month for twelve months. Because of the nature of the membership, all sales are final.

Q : How many hours of content should I expect?

A : You will be receiving 2-3 hours of content each month, as well as 2-3 hours of content at the beginning of each season. If you add it all up, you’ll be getting around 40 hours of lessons for the entire year!

Q : If I sign up later in the year, will I get access to the current material?

A : You will gain access to whichever season you’re signing up in. For example, if you sign up in September, October or November, you’ll begin the membership in the Autumn section, which means you won’t see Summer content yet. If you sign up up in December, you will only see Winter content to begin with.

Q : How do the Tea Time live calls work? What if I can’t make it?

A : Tea time live calls happen the second Thursday of the month at 11am PST. The dates for the next six months are 10/10, 11/14, 12/12, 1/9 and 2/13. 11am in Portland is 12pm in Denver, 1pm in Chicago, 2pm in New York City, 7pm in London, 8pm in Berlin. 😉

We meet virtually through Zoom. No worries if you can’t make it, love! Each call will be recorded. 🥰

Q : Can I sign up at any time?

A : You’ll get a chance to join at the beginning of each season during the open registration window. The remainder of the month, registration will be closed.


This is a community for anyone who identifies as a woman, womxn, femme, non-binary, trans, genderqueer, gender-fluid and gender non-conforming and celebrates the beauty inherent in all shapes and sizes. It is for folks who bleed or have bled and for folks who have a womb either physically, energetically or spiritually.

You Are An Embodied Babe

An Embodied Babe is anyone who identifies as a woman, womxn, femme, non-binary, trans, genderqueer, gender-fluid or gender non-conforming.

An Embodied Babe recognizes that one of the most radical things we can do in this lifetime is to develop self-love by listening to our bodies.

An Embodied Babe makes it their mission to reclaim their birthright of returning home to their body.

An Embodied Babe remembers that they are Nature and that their body has its own tides, like the ocean.

An Embodied Babe prioritizes self-care because they realize they cannot heal the world without first tending to themselves.

An Embodied Babe understands this sacred cultivation work is an ongoing, ever-evolving process that can be uncomfortable at times, but is the key to their metamorphosis.

An Embodied Babe reconnects to their ability to experience pleasure.

An Embodied Babe is committed to discovering themselves so that they can live in their fullest expression and freedom.