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You’re here! Welcome! This page is where you’ll access each portion of our course. Before starting, visit “Welcome” to meet Jeevan and learn a little bit more about the flow of this course. The “Steam Baths Circle” page is where we all get to connect with each other. This is where you’ll have the option of sharing weekly reflections. This is also the place where you’ll submit questions for the remainder of the course, until 5pm on April 14th. Scroll to the bottom of the page to access “Steamy Bazaar” - a hand-selected marketplace for all of your steaming essentials, including 15% off steam stools and herbs. Each week’s section will open up a few days before our live class. You’ll get an email letting you know when it comes live. The “Bonus” courses taught by Dr. Nancy Wong and Dr. Isabel Sweitzer will be available in the beginning of April.

Thank you for being on this journey together. ♥