Body Oracle: Finding Your Full-Bodied Yes & No

with Jeevan Singh on Monday 1/28 at 12pm PST



  • To know where “yes” and “no” live in your body in order to help you make more aligned decisions in your life

  • To explore how a “full-bodied yes” shows up in your body

  • To experience your Body Oracle first-hand (your body-based inner GPS),
    getting to ask it a question and how to hear its response

  • To explore reasons why we disconnect and how to reconnect

  • To learn 3 of Jeevan’s top go-to practices for managing stress and returning to our bodies

  • To understand why the world is needing your embodiment now more than ever

  • To walk away feeling more embodied, empowered and alive

AND *** BONUS ***

  • Receive the free guided meditation by Jeevan “Following Your Body Oracle Into Pleasure”


“Connecting with you in this way was so nourishing. The order you did the practices in was really effective and well-rounded. I experienced very distinctive and clear differentiations of yes and no in my body. I’ve done experiential work in the past, but it’s never cultivated such full-bodied, clear answers.”

“Thank you, Jeevan! That totally transformed my day. Much needed!”

“I would say my one take-away was really being able to locate and describe the sensations of my yes and no. I got a no for a question I was really hoping to get a yes for, and I’m doing the work of listening and trusting my body’s wisdom. Thank you so much, Jeevan!”

“I loved it! Thank you so much!”

“I have a tendency to overthink everything and continue to replay things in my head. I truly think this will allow me to listen to my body more when I’m overwhelmed or misleading myself through my mind. Thank you so much for sharing this!”


This workshop is only $25!

This is a sweet deal, considering that the skills you gain you’ll have for a lifetime. To add perspective, Jeevan’s in-person session rates are $125 an hour. You will be guided through this practice just like Jeevan would do for one of her clients in person.

Why charge so little? It’s important to Jeevan to make this work accessible to all, since we are currently in a time in the world when we are being called to return to and reclaim our bodies.


Is this workshop in person or remote?

It’s fully online, which means you can join from anywhere! All you’ll need is to sign up for Zoom, which is free and super easy to make an account with.

What if I can’t watch it live? Will it be recorded?

Yes! This virtual workshop will be recorded and live on my website until June 1st. You will receive a link to the workshop recording and be able to watch it anytime before June 1st.

It’s time for you to come home to your body.
I can’t wait to share these valuable practices with you!