image by Meagan Boyd www.instagram.com/yinshadowz/

image by Meagan Boyd

As people who bleed, we have the ability to ride the momentum of our cycles each month, including letting the big waves of our menses carry out any stagnation or blocks that we are experiencing.

I started bleeding this morning and spent the darkness of early morning with my pelvic bowl, feeling into my root and what is being held here. I told my body, “I am ready to release this,” and asked my blood to help carry it out.

Whether you are holding specific emotions like fear or rage, numbness or grief, whether you have experienced trauma and are ready to let go of the ways it has held you back or disempowered you, whether you have felt out of touch with your body, maybe even wary of going near it. Whether you are experiencing root issues - like financial instability, home instability or feeling unstable in the home of your body. All of these can be turned to while bleeding, asking our bodies to shed what we are ready to let go of, utilizing the powerful internal waves of our sea of blood to release any blocks that are keeping us from experiencing more fullness and joy in our lives.

You can absolutely harness the magic of your shedding each month, too. Here’s how:


best done when your period is ramping up to bleed, either premenstrually or on just before the heavier days of bleeding

  1. Find a quiet place to lie down. Place your hands over your low belly, just above your pubic bone and start to tune into your body. Let your breath get long, feeling it right beneath your hands.

  2. Reflect on this last month and notice if there is anything “up” for you right now or any struggles. Feel for the sensations in your body to help guide you. If you are having trouble identifying it, simply ask yourself, “What am I ready to release?” and listen for the very first thing that comes up.

  3. Identify the feeling or belief behind what you are ready to let go of.

    Ex: You are ready to let go of an old lover (sexuality is connected to our root). Feel into the emotions attached to them. Maybe anger comes up, and this anger is holding you back from experiencing new love. You can ask your body to help move that residual anger out with your blood.

    Ex: You are struggling with money this month (a root issue). Identify what’s underneath that - is there a limiting belief like, “I am not __ enough to make the money I want,” or “I will always be poor.” Ask your blood to carry out these limiting beliefs so that you can plant the seeds of new beliefs like, “I am super talented and totally capable of making the money I want,” or, “I am grateful for what I have and am attracting in all the abundance the universe wants to send me.”

  4. Once you have identified what your limiting belief or emotion is, tune into the waves of your inner sea of blood. Feel how it has its own rhythm, the way that your breath and heart have their own rhythms. Let yourself be with the waves of your inner sea, feeling its power, much like the ocean.

  5. Now pull up your limiting belief or feeling, letting the sensations be present in your body, you may even want to give it form in your mind’s eye. Visualize offering it to your sea of your blood, asking your sea to release it along with your blood this month.

  6. While you are bleeding this month, you can continue to tune into the limiting belief and imagine it being washed out with your blood. This is no efforting on your part. You are harnessing the magic of your shedding.

  7. When shedding feels complete, you can start to plant the seeds in your womb of more authentic beliefs that work towards creating greater self-love and compassion. Much like sealing intentions on the new moon, when we have shed, it’s like a good rain ready to nourish the soil for new growth. Our bleeding corresponds to the new moon. More on planting seeds in a future post.