Ginger Cardamom Castor Oil Roll-On

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Ginger Cardamom Castor Oil.JPG

Ginger Cardamom Castor Oil Roll-On


This warming and aromatic little bottle of liquid gold is the perfect friend for castor oil packs. It is made with organic, cold-pressed castor oil Infused with dried ginger and cardamom, as well as a blend of essential oils for pelvic and menstrual wellness,

Castor oil packs are used widely for gut healing and reproductive wellness. This oil comes in a unique 1-ounce glass roll-on bottle, which is refillable. Environmentally-friendly and a perfect size to travel with, this roll-on is great for castor oil packs without the mess!

Comes with a tiny guide on how to do castor oil packs easily.

*** Refill Instructions ***

In order to refill the bottle, you will need a thin edge to pop off the top. Oftentimes a butterknife will work, but you may need something even thinner. Please take caution while popping it off as the suction may be strong.

*** Bulk Orders ***

We offer a bulk discount for orders of 10 bottles or more. Please contact us in order to place a bulk order.

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